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western concept

create art that catches

To create art that catches the eye rides on every earring, ring, and necklace that sells out by TIARA which offers wide range of fashion jewellery with western concept but β€œMADE IN INDIA”
Our mood board has pops of feminine colours and is dedicated to designing items that the TIARA girl can flaunt in all aspects of her life – brunches, lunch meetings, dinner dates, shopping with girls, traditional functions or just to make herself feel pretty/ just to add a little drama to her outfit.
Our work journey starts with an inspiration followed by contemporary & modern art it includes vocabulary of clean lines, and simplified geometric shapes and some times we love making jewellery on nature base , and our collections main USP is that they are extremely light wear.
We start with a silhouette and end with a beautiful piece of art. The goal is to produce designs with a contemporary and western outlook ,each Tiara pieces is handmade lovingly by the artesian who all are paid a fair wages. Their is no mass production of unfair labour practises in-corporate in the production of the pieces .Tiara jewellery is set in gold plating or silver plating with vivid semi-precious stones. The metals are used to emphasise the nature and beauty of the stones transforming the stones into bold works of art.
The pieces are inspired with the onset of a new season, we welcome a fleet of fresh textures and ideas. Seasonal hues are mixed with suitable stones, Patterns are created depending on the look we want to achieve for the jewellery piece.